Lost Saga

Lost Saga

3D beat-them-up-style MMO

A massive multiplayer online game with lots of action and fighting. Choose between 28 heroes, beat up your enemies, and advance in rank to gain access to better weapons, equipment, and mercenaries.

Lost Saga is an action-packed online fighting game that brings heroes from fantasy, science-fiction and history to life in an all-out-brawl for the ages. Up to 16 players battle it out online over temples, cities and nature. With 28 heroes to choose from and over 100 heroes slated to become available throughout the game’s lifespan, Lost Saga promises to bring an ever changing battle. Lost Saga also comes with multiple game modes and customizable heroes. Best of all this entire game can be enjoyed without spending a dime!Lost Saga is a unique fighting MMO game with great animations and artwork. The gameplay is similar to 90's style of beat'em up games, but with a whole lot of new features. It has many classes of heroes you can choose from and a really wide variety of skills. It has cooperative modes, as well as PvP modes where a large number of people can engage in battle.

The tutorial will begin upon first entering the game. It explains most of the basic movement and combat. The game is played with the keyboard only, and at first, the controls might seem tricky. After a while though you will get used to them. After finishing the tutorial, the next few missions still have an informative value. Each quest will tell a little bit more about the game and all of its features, so in about an hour you'll know everything there is to know about it.

You can play single player type missions, or engage with other players in cooperative or deathmatch modes.. There are a multitude of modes to choose from and a wide variety of maps. You can play boss fights, crusades, team matches and ghost tag, just to name a few. Another nice feature the game has, is the PvP section, where you can engage in faction wars or 1v1 Ladder.

The gameplay is quite different from other MMO games. Not only the fact that you play with the keyboard only, but also the game mechanics. Each hero has a number of skills depending on what items he is wearing. This is interesting because the items drop when you are defeated in the game, and other players can pick up and use your items. You can do the same to theirs, and it creates a really dynamic and chaotic gameplay. Since there are so many heroes and such a large number of skills, you can customize your character's skills in the heat of a battle. Another interesting thing is the way you unlock heroes and play with them. You cannot completely own a hero, it's more like a renting system. You have to pay for the amount of time you want to play with him. This might sound like something bad, but in fact it isn't. The game uses pesos as its currency and it is fairly easy to get it. The developers designed the hero system in such a way that you cannot unlock all the heroes at the same time, but select some favorites and play mostly with them. Another more interesting aspect of the game is that after your death, you can pick another hero to play at. This is such a nice feature because for example, in faction wars players will constantly switch between heroes after they die, so they can counter the other team's heroes. This cycle goes on and on and creates very interesting matches and you can easily see more than 30 heroes being switched around at any given match.

Lost Saga is one of the most interesting and funny games I've played in a while. I definitely enjoyed it and if you're a fan of fighting MMO games, you should give this a shot.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to play
  • Great game mechanics
  • A lot of heroes to choose from
  • Nice currency system
  • A lot of fun


  • Controls can be difficult at first
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